1~2 years old children eat “soup rice” to hurt their bodies, so that they can prepare food for them and make them healthier.

1~2 years old children eat “soup rice” hurts their body, so it is healthier to prepare food for them

1~2 years old children eat “soup rice” hurt their body, so that they can prepare food for them. Health

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Although babies over one year old can eat “adult meal”. But this is just a simple way of saying that there are still many things that adults can eat, they still can’t eat, otherwise the baby’s fragile intestines and stomach will be easily damaged. 

And in life, parents like to feed their babies with a kind of adult rice, which is soup with rice. They think that soup with rice is not tasteless like white porridge. The baby likes it better, and it is accompanied by a little dish. It’s more nutritious. 

The harmful effects of soup and rice Far more than that, it can provide nutrition to the baby. 

▶ No nutrition

In fact, many parents think that the soup with rice is not nutritious. The first is the soup. Experts have already studied it. No matter what meat is stewed in the soup, the soup contains very little nutrition, but contains too much purine or fat. 

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Drinking too much soup is not only harmful to the body, but also can’t supplement nutrition. All the nutrients are still in the meat. 

Moreover, soup and water enter the stomach together, it is easy to take up the stomach, make the baby feel full, but not have enough appetite, to take in other nutritious foods, long-term eating like this may lead to nutrition bad. 

▶ It’s easy to consume too much salt

If you want a bowl of soup to have a taste, you need to add a lot of salt. If you only eat the meat inside, there is not too much It affects, but even if you drink it with soup, you will consume too much salt. 

And experts suggest that for babies from one to two years old, the best salt intake is about 1.5 grams. 

Eating soup Soaking rice is easy for babies to take in too much salt. For those who are about to supplement calcium, the sodium in salt will accelerate the loss of calcium, which may not grow taller in the future. 

▶ Weak intestines, spleen and stomach

Although the soup and rice contains a lot of water, it is different from porridge. It is still relatively hard particles, and when the baby eats this kind of liquid food, it is very Easy to swallow without chewing. 

Without salivary amylase to help digestion, coupled with the hard and large rice, their gastrointestinal digestion burden may be heavier, which leads to weak spleen and stomach. 

▶ Lack of exercise for chewing function< /p>

This kind of liquid food is easy for babies to swallow without chewing, and the teeth cannot be fully exercised, which may affect the normal development of teeth and gums. 

Baby aged 1~2 What do I need to eat? 

Experts have such a standard for the daily amount of food for 1-2 year old babies:

A palm-sized meat (120 grams) and a fist-sized vegetable ( 100~200g), a fist-sized fruit (100~200g), three-fist-sized whole grains (about 100g), two cups of milk (350~500g). 

▶ Vegetables and fruits

This can supplement the baby with rich minerals, vitamins and dietary fiber. Pay attention to the richness of fruits and vegetables, preferably four or five a day species. 

▶ Cereals

Includes brown rice, oats, beans, potatoes and sweet potatoes. It can increase satiety, supplement dietary fiber, stabilize blood sugar in the body, and have great benefits for the baby’s learning state, memory, concentration, and mood. 

When parents cook rice for them, pay attention to adding half of the grains. 

▶ Meat

It can provide children with rich protein and iron elements. Meat includes meat, eggs, fish and poultry. 

▶ Milk

It can supplement the baby with abundant protein and calcium. 

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that babies over 1 year old should drink 500 to 625 ml of milk a day. The dietary guidelines for residents in my country suggest that babies drink 350 to 500 grams of milk. 

Except for In addition to preparing a nutritious and balanced diet for 1 to 2 year-old babies, they should also pay attention to these issues. 

▶ The baby’s appetite drops


At this time, the baby’s growth rate is not as fast as 0~1 years old, so it is normal for the appetite to decrease. 

Moreover, they are also about to awaken their self-awareness. They have foods they love and don’t like. Parents should be careful not to force feeding, so as to prevent the baby from disgusting with food. 

▶ The shape of the food is lumpy and granular

At this time, the baby’s stomach has developed more perfect, and in order to exercise their chewing ability, the food should be granular and lumpy. Yes, when they are three years old, they will slowly transition to ordinary food for adults. 

▶ Pay attention to the cultivation of eating habits

Baby awakened in self-consciousness are more mischievous. At this time, they will be picky eaters, partial eclipses, and do not want to eat. Therefore, parents should cultivate their children’s eating habits. 

Although they cannot be forced to eat what they do not like, they cannot be overly spoiled. They only eat what they love, which may cause nutritional imbalance. 

U.S. experts said that when children encounter new food, they must have seen it at least 11 times before they are willing to accept it slowly, so parents can show on the table that they don’t like it. of. 


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No matter how poor the family is, there are three things that must be “willing”, otherwise it will be detrimental to the growth and development of the child

Parents need parents Do your best. 

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Finalized: Su Zihou

Every parent hopes that their children are healthy and smart, in order to make their children have a better future. Many parents also try various methods to promote their children’s intellectual development. 

However, for some families with relatively poor economic conditions, there are naturally certain restrictions in certain aspects, but even if the family is poor, there are three things to be “willing to”, otherwise, the parents will be stingy for a while , It may adversely affect the growth and development of the child. 

Case: Parents are greedy for petty and cheap, causing their children’s IQ to stop at the age of 3

With the development of society, the cost of raising children is getting higher and higher. 

Ms. Wang and her husband are both migrant workers, and the family’s financial conditions are average. The young couple originally planned to work hard for two years before having children, but unexpectedly they got pregnant. 

In the beginning, the couple thought that raising a child would not be a problem even if the family conditions were not good, but as time passed, they found that money was indeed spent during childbirth. 

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Because the material conditions at home are not rich, Ms. Wang has saved her life from pregnancy to childbirth. Her mentality is thin, she hasn’t seen how fat she is after giving birth, and she has very little breast milk. 

Not only that, the baby’s milk powder is also a big expense, and Ms. Wang bought a lower-priced milk powder with the idea of ​​saving money and drank it until she was 3 years old. 

However, I didn’t expect that my children’s height difference compared to their peers is so big that even their language skills are a problem, and they even walk crookedly. 

Originally, Ms. Wang thought it was just that the child was developing slowly, but once the child caught a cold and was taken to the hospital, the doctor saw something was wrong, and only after the examination found that the child’s IQ had stopped developing and stayed at 3 years old forever. 

No matter how poor the family is, these three things must be “willing”

①, milk powder

After the baby is born, doctors advocate breastfeeding, but due to various factors, milk powder It will also become a staple food for children. 

But at the same time, because the child eats milk powder for several meals a day, the milk powder cost that parents need to bear is also a large expense, so some parents think about weaning the child milk powder early. Just eat other foods. 

But what many parents don’t know is that children of different ages need different nutrients. Milk powder at different stages can also provide children with nutritional supplements at various stages. These nutrients It can promote the growth and development of the child and enhance the child’s immunity. 

If parents let their children wean off milk powder prematurely, it may affect the child’s physical development, and even the child’s brain development will be affected, because in certain age groups, milk powder tends to be compared with ordinary food. It has more nutritional value. 

The advice of parenting experts: children should not wean off milk powder before the age of three. If economic conditions permit, it is best to drink until about 7 years old. Because milk powder is high in nutrients, it is of great benefit to the body, so even in adulthood, you can drink it appropriately. 

Therefore, even if the family conditions are not good, parents cannot “mean” their children’s milk powder money. 

② Toys

Now that the economy is gradually developing, I believe that many children have a lot of toys. Even the home is full of toys and they still want other new toys. 

Some parents may feel that there are so many toys at home, and there is no need to buy new ones. Some parents even worry that their children are addicted to toys, so they simply don’t buy them for their children, or just put all the toys. Put away all. 

In fact, this approach is not conducive to the growth and development of children. 

Children have a strong curiosity and are very interested in all unknown things. Therefore, at this time, parents can choose some educational toys for their children, which will benefit their children’s growth and thinking development. 

In fact, when children play with toys, they can stimulate their own imagination, hands-on ability, etc., and promote the development of the brain. Although it seems that there is no benefit on the surface, at the same time, the children’s various skills are constantly changing. Promote. 

So, in the process of children’s growth, they should still try their best to meet the children’s needs for toys, so as not to restrict their normal development. 

③. Picture books

Picture books refer to a type of books that are mainly paintings with a small amount of text attached. 

There are many story books specially designed for children on the market, which are in line with children’s inner development and reading habits, and can satisfy children’s perception of images, pictures, and aesthetics. 

Under normal circumstances, picture books are an early learning experience, which can make children’s brain connections more developed, and can also cause children’s thinking to continue to diverge, and stimulate children’s imagination. Furthermore, parents are accompanying their children to read When drawing a picture book, it can also promote the parent-child relationship between the two parties. 

In short, children’s picture books are a necessary means for children to receive knowledge, as well as a necessary tool for children to carry out early education and enlightenment. Even if the family’s financial conditions are limited, parents should not save this money, otherwise it is very likely to widen the gap with other peers. 

Regardless of rich or poor, parents should do two things

➤Pay attention to the physical and mental health of their children

As a parent, the most concerned thing is the health of the child. 

If the child is physically and mentally healthy and has the correct three views, then even if the family conditions are not good, he will be able to travel between heaven and earth in the future, through his own hard work, and solve the problems encountered in life. The problem, and eventually become a useful person to society. 

➤Let children read more, read good books

Reading can help people understand right and wrong, argue between good and evil, and shape good values; reading can also strengthen the brain, exercise children’s thinking and expression skills, and even help Children improve social skills. In short, the benefits of reading are very great. 

Therefore, as a parent, you should do your best to let your children read more and read well, so that the children can become better. Return to Sohu to see more

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