11-year-old Japanese student for one day, let the Chinese parents understand that education knows no boundaries but only methods

An 11-year-old Japanese student made it clear to Chinese parents that education knows no boundaries but only methods

Chinese children usually get up in the morning by such parents urging them over and over again, and the children finally get out of the bed. Get up, after getting up, the parents have already prepared the food and drink for the child, and they have to feed the child again. 

When the child was eating, the parents began to prepare school bags for the child and the things they need to go to school. After everything is ready, send the child to school. Therefore, in China, parents are generally the busiest in the morning, because they have to go to work, but also take care of their children to school, so some parents have to get up at 4 to 5 in the morning and start to be busy. 

It’s also a child, and the mornings of Japanese children are really shocking. Japanese 11-year-old children wake up in the morning and cook their own breakfast. Parents don’t have to worry about them. Just look at it and you know it’s an old hand. After the child finishes the meal, he does not forget to clean up the tableware after eating. 

Moreover, it’s not time to go to school at this time. Some children will help their parents to do what they can, help the parents walk their dogs, throw out trash. The children’s schoolbags are all packed one night in advance. At this time, the children carry their schoolbags and go to school obediently, without parents worrying about it. 

Looking at the children of Japan and then looking at the children of China, the gap is really not that big. It seems that the way parents educate their children is really important. Different education methods bring different results to children. 

If parents want their children to be self-reliant, self-reliant, and able to manage themselves, parents should do this when educating their children

1. Do not take care of the children’s affairs

If parents want their children to be independent, they should return the things that belong to the children and let the children do it themselves. Even if the child is not particularly good or perfect, it does not matter, as long as the child does it, it is possible to do well. If you are afraid, you are afraid that the parents will take all the things that belong to the child to themselves, and will not give the child the opportunity to exercise. 

2. Allow children to make mistakes

Some parents dare not let their children do something on their own, because parents are afraid of their children making mistakes, and parents are also afraid of trouble, because their children make mistakes Parents have to clean up the mess, so parents might as well do it themselves. 

But when the parents do things, the children still don’t know the correct way! It will make mistakes next time. Parents should allow their children to make mistakes, because how can we sum up experience without making mistakes? Who can guarantee everything will be foolproof! 

3. Cultivate children’s sense of responsibility

Some parents only know to protect their children, protecting their children like flowers in a greenhouse. The children have never experienced any wind or rain. hit. But when the child grows up, the parents ask the child what to do. Just imagine if this is too cruel for the child. 

If parents want their children to be independent, they must cultivate their children’s sense of responsibility from an early age, be responsible for their actions and for themselves. Responsible children do not need to be supervised when doing things, so that they will have internal drive to do things. 

4. Pay attention to the cultivation of children’s habits

Achieving people will definitely have a set of good habits that belong to them. Parents should not only focus on their children’s individual problems in the process of cultivating children. Let go, even if the parents solve this problem, the child will have other problems. 

The reason why the child is like this is because the child does not have a good habit. As long as the parent solves the problem of the child’s habit, all the subsequent problems will be solved. 

Parents should pay attention to the general direction of their children’s growth in educating their children, such as cultivating good learning habits for children and cultivating children’s habit of doing things. Once these habits are formed, there is no need for parents to be the same as staring at flies. Staring at the child! 

5. Cultivate children’s hands-on ability

Some children don’t know how to do it, but parents deprive their children of their ability when educating their children. No need to do it, no need to do it, and gradually the children get used to clothes to stretch out their hands and open their mouths. 

So when parents complain about their children, first think about whether it’s their own problem. If the parents let the children eat by themselves, let the children dress by themselves, and let the children do what they want to do. The child’s hands-on ability is not as good as it is now. Therefore, the development of a child’s ability directly determines the quality of life for the child. 

There are no shortcuts to educating children. How much parents put in their efforts, the children will give parents much results in the future. And when it comes to educating children, there are no borders, only methods. The children are all the same when they are born. Why does the difference appear when they grow up? 

Because of the different ways and methods of parents’ education to their children, there will be such a big gap between children, so it really requires parents’ care to educate children, not just raising them casually. During pregnancy, stay away from these three natural enemies of conception. It is difficult to get pregnant if you eat too much.

Most couples start after marriage” The “creation of people” plan, because children are not only the continuation of their own blood, but also the hope of the entire family. 

But giving birth to a baby is very unfair to some couples. Their bodies are not sick and they will work hard to get pregnant, but they always end in disappointment. In fact, not all foods can be eaten during pregnancy, and some foods are even called “pregnant enemies”. The characteristics of these foods have a great influence on conception. 

Li Xue and her husband have been married for 5 years. In the past few years, due to their busy career, they have not had any children. The parents also put a lot of pressure on the couple, saying they want to hug their grandson as soon as possible. The two also felt that their work was relatively stable and financially ready, so they started the plan to create people. Li Xue and her husband are both white-collar workers. They adjusted their daily routines to prepare for pregnancy. They did not work overtime and stayed up late at night. They also ate healthier diets, but there was still no good news after a year. 

The two went to the hospital for a comprehensive physical examination, and it turned out that both sides had no physical problems. After consulting a doctor, they found out the real obstacles to not being pregnant. It turns out that because the two have a heavy workload during the day, they drink a few cups of coffee every day to refresh themselves. The doctor explained that coffee is a natural “predator of pregnancy”, and if it is consumed for a long time, it will have a contraceptive effect invisibly. 

These three kinds of “pregnant natural enemies” eat too much and it is difficult to get pregnant.

1. Coffee

Many young people like to drink coffee, especially white-collar workers who are engaged in mental work. As a refreshing drink. However, it is best for those planning to get pregnant to stop drinking coffee. If you still drink a lot of coffee during pregnancy, you may lose your right to be a parent. 

Experts from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences in the United States have conducted a follow-up study on 1,000 women who are planning to become pregnant. The results show that women who drink coffee every day have a 50% chance of getting pregnant compared to women who do not drink coffee. In other words, the chance of pregnancy is reduced by half. Therefore, drinking coffee every day can directly affect women’s pregnancy. Women who plan to become pregnant are not recommended to drink coffee regularly. 

Because coffee contains caffeine, caffeine affects women’s ovulation function and fallopian tubes, so drinking coffee regularly is not conducive to pregnancy. Even pregnant women, if a large amount of coffee is used, it will slow down the development of the fetus, and even cause serious consequences such as miscarriage and fetal malformations. 

2. Alcohol

Many adult men usually like to drink two glasses. Even if they have no habit of drinking, they cannot avoid socializing at work, so they inevitably drink frequently. Some women also have the habit of drinking. In fact, alcoholism is not only harmful to health, but also affects fertility. People who drink often will not only reduce the chance of conception, but the quality of the fetus will be affected even after pregnancy. 

Because the main component of alcohol is ethanol, ethanol can increase the concentration of a substance called catecholamines in the body. This substance can reduce male hormones in the body, affect testicular function, and even cause testicular atrophy. Make the sperm quantity and quality drop sharply. Therefore, long-term drinking will have a great impact on the appreciation function of men, and in severe cases, it can also cause infertility. 

In addition, if women drink for a long time, it will also affect the quality of eggs. Drinking during pregnancy will also increase the probability of miscarriage, and the probability of fetal malformations and intellectual disability will also increase. 

3. Pickles

Pickles are a kind of dish that many people like to eat. Especially when drinking porridge, it will be very refreshing to add some pickles. However, pickles are not for men and women who want to get pregnant. Eating too much will not only cause diseases such as high blood pressure, but also affect pregnancy. 

Although pickles are made from fresh vegetables, they add a lot of salt and have to be pickled for a period of time, so the vitamin content in them has been greatly destroyed. The content of nitrite in pickles is particularly high. Nitrite will destroy the motility of male sperm and prevent the sperm from combining with the egg smoothly. Women’s long-term intake of large amounts of nitrite will also affect the quality of the eggs and reduce the chance of conception. 

How to make it more conducive to conception

1. Eat more high-quality protein foods

Protein is an important substance indispensable to the human body, especially for men and women who want to get pregnant. Eat more foods rich in high-quality protein. Deep-sea fish, shrimps and shellfish all contain a lot of high-quality protein, especially deep-sea fish, which are also rich in DHA, which is very good for fetal brain development. In addition, lean meat, beans, and milk also contain a lot of protein, so you should eat more. 

2. Eat more foods containing vitamins

Vitamins also play a very important role in the quality of sperm and eggs, so you should eat more in your diet. Green vegetables, fruits, and root foods all reflect a lot of vitamins. 

3. Trace elements

During pregnancy, some trace elements should be supplemented under the guidance of a doctor. For example, folic acid is very important for the development of the fetus, and some women have symptoms of anemia, so pay attention to supplementing iron. Calcium, vitamin B and vitamin E are also indispensable. 

Everyone must start with a daily diet to better increase the pregnancy rate. 

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