10-year-old daughter: How old can I fall in love? My mother replied with a sincere heart, and the parents hurry up to learn

10-year-old daughter: How old can I fall in love? The mother’s reply is really great, and the parents quickly learn it

Many people are familiar with the term “puppy love”. 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Wang Zhifeng

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In everyone’s perception, puppy love can only happen After the child enters adolescence, but now, many elementary school students are beginning to have the idea of ​​puppies, how should parents respond correctly? 

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Case: 10-year-old daughter: “Mom, how old can I fall in love?”

Tingting has a 10-year-old daughter who was in elementary school and suddenly ran to her one day He asked, “Mom, how old can I fall in love?”

After hearing this question, Tingting was shocked. Her daughter is so small, why would she ask such a question? After careful consideration, she gave her daughter an answer seriously. 

Tingting said: “I think there is no age limit for dating. As long as you can meet a few conditions, it means you are mature enough, otherwise others will have to take care of you like a child.”

Looking at her daughter’s puzzled expression, she further said: “First of all, you must have the ability to be independent and take care of yourself; second, you need to have a certain financial ability that will not bring the other party Material pressure; in the end, you have to be good enough so that the other person can become good with you, so that the two of you can go further.”

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After listening to Tingting’s words, my daughter was stunned, thinking seriously. The situation my mother said is different from what I have now. I found that there are too many areas for improvement and learning. After that, I didn’t mention this problem again, and I was not unhappy. Instead, I worked very hard to make myself outstanding. 

I believe that many parents are helpless when facing children’s problems, and even scold them, saying: “At such a young age, you still want to fall in love”, “You are the most important thing now.” The task of learning”, “If you fall in love, I don’t want you.” Words such as “not only can not solve the problems encountered by the baby, but will affect the relationship between parents and children.” 

Why do children have a psychology of puppies? 

1. Physiological reasons

For adolescent children, due to the development of the second physiological characteristics, the secretion of hormones in the body is promoted, which leads to their curiosity and shyness about the contact of the opposite sex, but their hearts are Want to understand, and start from the psychology of wanting to associate with the opposite sex of the same age. 

2. Social and cultural urges

Currently, too many social renderings such as the Internet, TV, and novels cause children to appear prematurely or prematurely. They are generally irrational, so it is easy to This one was hurt or affected. 

According to expert statistics, most of the children who fall in love may be interested in idol dramas because they have watched too many idol dramas, so they have the idea of ​​puppies love. 

3. Motivated by mutual comparisons

Some students in the school have children who have premature love. Most of them are influenced by good friends or classmates. In order not to lose face, they join the puppies. In the ranks, even some babies are distressed because they have not made a boyfriend (girlfriend). 

In addition to the above methods, can parents effectively prevent their children from falling in love? 

1. Pay attention to children’s lives

One reason for children’s premature love is that their parents don’t give enough company to make them feel the lack. The baby’s behavior in front of the opposite sex is actually a way of caring. Kind of irrational performance. 

Therefore, no matter how busy parents are at work, they should take a little time every day to accompany them to grow up. 

2. Explain to them the hazards of early love

Parents should make their children rationally realize the adverse effects that the behavior of early love may bring to their lives, so that their children can look at them rationally Sexual relationships, avoid thoughts of premature love, and even behaviors. 

When a child is found to be in early love, how should parents respond correctly? 

1. Help children establish the correct concept of love

Some children will become more determined to be together because of their parents’ opposition. Parents can choose to support and tell them that true love is two people Getting better and better together, turning this relationship into motivation. 

In addition, tell the child that if two people really love each other enough, they will squeeze each other like their parents, and let them do it when they are in love. If not, the baby will not start rashly. 

2. Conducting gender knowledge science popularization

Now that the Internet is relatively developed, children can easily browse all kinds of information without the control of their parents, especially those in love. To taste the forbidden fruit because of curiosity, it becomes more than a loss. 

Therefore, as a parent, you must teach your children the correct relationship between lovers and related knowledge in advance, and don’t let your baby do something that you may not be able to bear the consequences. Baby temperament is divided into four categories, and finally One kind of parents should pay more attention, otherwise the baby will easily become withdrawn

Hippocrates, respected as the “father of medicine” in the West, believes that human temperament can be divided into four types. 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Wang Zhifeng

Finalized: Su Zihou

According to research, 30% of human personality comes from Inheritance, 70% comes from acquired education, and temperament is mainly affected by the genetic factors of the parents. The difference in temperament can be seen after birth. The temperament mentioned here refers to the typical dynamic appearance that people are born with mental activities. 

After two years of age, the temperament type will appear obvious outline, and as the child grows up, it will become more and more obvious. 

Hippocrates, respected as the “father of medicine” in the West, believes that human temperament can be divided into four types. 

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Four temperaments, what kind of child does your family belong to? 

1. Bile quality

This type of child has the advantages of being active, enthusiastic, helpful, independent, and empathetic. The disadvantage is that the emotions are intense, careless, impulsive, impulsive and provocative, etc. . 

In the kindergarten, they are always active, talkative, and impulsive, and they are prone to conflict with others. 

2. Hyperblood

This type of child has the advantages of being lively, responsive, enthusiastic, adaptable, and good interpersonal relationships. The disadvantage is concentration. Poor strength, three-minute enthusiasm for doing things, impatient, impetuous, sloppy, etc. 

Whether they meet strangers or acquaintances, they will take the initiative to greet them. They also like to share interesting things at home with children and teachers, and they also like to share school matters with their family members. 

3. Mucous quality

This type of child has the advantages of good temper, stable mood, concentration, well-behaved and not troublesome, good at patience and restraint, comprehensive consideration of problems, easy satisfaction, etc. The disadvantage is that they do not like to talk. Too quiet, lack of assertiveness, not outstanding personality, etc. 

They are generally quieter and like to indulge in their own world without being disturbed by the outside world. 

4. Depressiveness

This type of child has the advantages of rich imagination, good observation, concentration, empathy, and observance of order, etc. The disadvantage is that they do not love people. Communication, lack of self-confidence, sensitivity, dullness, etc. 

They remain silent regardless of whether they are criticized or praised. They have a weak sense of presence in school and hardly speak, but they can show what they have learned at home. 

Four temperaments Corresponding Ways of Discipline

1. Discipline of Bile Type Children

Parents can create a quiet and harmonious family environment. Usually, when dealing with children, try to be gentle, calm and strict. Do not educate by shouting, which can help the baby gradually overcome the shortcomings of impatience and restlessness. 

In addition, in the process of children’s growth, they can be given enough space to not discourage the children’s enthusiasm, and they can also participate in some meticulous housework and use time to limit them. This will not only train them Their self-control ability can also cultivate their good habits of patience and meticulousness. 

2. Discipline of children with multiple blood types

Parents can create a harmonious and loving family environment, pay attention to cultivating children’s lively, cheerful, and positive personality, and can also train them to be serious and delicate, have the beginning and the end, and be hardworking. The ability to specialize in research, arrange some quieter interests, hobbies or activities, such as calligraphy, singing, painting, playing the piano, etc., so that children can make up for their own shortcomings in the process of learning and completion. 

3. How to discipline children with mucus type

Parents can create a humorous, relaxed and lively family environment, so that children can stick to their own ideas and opinions, and let him play out of himself When playing games, you can try to let the baby dominate, give him some opportunities to create appreciation, experience the joy of success, and overcome his lack of opinion. 

In addition, parents can often discuss family life and work with their children, and allow them to participate in the thinking of adults, boldly express their inner thoughts, and cultivate children’s awareness of participation. 

4. How to discipline children with depression

Parents can create a warm, relaxed and happy family atmosphere, so that they can feel relaxed and comfortable at home, and they can often take their children with their peers Play, enhance their interpersonal skills, adapt to the environment, and help them gradually improve their sensitive and withdrawn shortcomings. 

Furthermore, parents should encourage and praise their children when they are educated, and guide them patiently to make them lively and cheerful. 

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