​The 2-year-old girl yelled a word to the monitor, and the netizens burst into tears for a moment, only to be a mother to understand

​The 2-year-old girl yelled a word to the monitor, and netizens burst into tears that only mothers would understand

Nowadays, people’s lives are under pressure. After having children, life pressure will be even greater. Many parents have to leave their parents and children in order to make a living, and go to first-tier cities to work and earn money to support their families. There is a lot of helplessness in this. 

For left-behind children, it is difficult to see mom and dad at first glance. They can only live in the days of missing mom and dad. 

The 2-year-old girl yelled a word to the surveillance system, and the netizens burst into tears. Only a mother can understand it.

Some time ago, there was a video on the Internet that went viral all over the Internet. The reason for the fire was because it touched many netizens. After reading it, everyone burst into tears. 

In this video, there is a little girl. She is on the side of the camera, raising her head, crying and saying to the camera, “Mom and Dad, go home soon.”

This little girl looks talented When she was about two years old, her eyes full of expectation were very touching, and her words were a little bit illegible, but only the phrase “Mom and Dad, let’s go home”, when the parents at the end of the camera watched them, they suddenly Heartache. 

The little girl’s parents work outside, and the little girl is taken care of by the elderly at home. Mom and Dad installed monitors in the yard of the house for the convenience of taking care of the children. 

The little girl’s mom and dad can see their daughter through this camera, so she usually runs to the front of the surveillance to talk to her dad and mom. 

The 2-year-old girl yelled a word to the monitor, and the netizens burst into tears. Some netizens said that they were very sad after watching it. This can only be understood by mothers. 

We all know that left-behind children are separated from their parents, and they usually lack the company of their parents. Then, what impact will the children’s lack of parental company bring to their children? 

The child lacks parents What impact will your company have? 

1. There is no sense of belonging.

Parents are the guardians of the children. Only when the parents are in the home can the children feel a sense of belonging. The company of parents to their children is irreplaceable by anyone. If the parents leave their children for a long time and work in other places, the children will grow up without the company of their parents and the children will lose their sense of belonging. 

If a child loses his sense of belonging, his sense of security will also be destroyed. Such a child will become very sensitive in his heart and may also be prone to psychological problems. 

2. Poor relationship with parents

Although parents are very important to their children, they are the children’s closest people, but a good relationship also comes through attentive companionship of. 

If parents leave their children in their hometown for a long time, separated from their children, the children’s lack of parental company for a long time will affect the relationship between the children and their parents, and the children will resent their parents for this reason. , Poor relationship with parents. 

3. Influencing personality

We all know that children are lively by nature, but their personality will also be affected by acquired nature. Now many parents are separated from their children in order to live and work in other places. 

As a result, children lack the company of their parents, which makes them feel different from other children, because other children’s parents will accompany them, which will affect the child’s character and make the child’s character change Be introverted and withdrawn. 

For these parents who work outside, if they let go of work, they will not be able to give their children a good life, and if they work hard, they will not be able to give their children company. So, how should parents who work outside give care to their left-behind children? 

Working outside How can parents give care to their left-behind children? 

1. Let children feel valued

Left-behind children lack a sense of belonging, because they can’t feel that they are valued by their parents. Their world lacks the company of their parents, and it seems that they have lost the sunshine. 

Parents who work outside should let their children feel that they are valued. On important festivals, they can pick out gifts that their children like and send them to them, such as children’s birthdays, Children’s Day, and so on. When a child feels that he is valued by his parents, even if his parents are not around, he can feel the care of his parents and his relationship with his parents will not be affected. 

2. Often contact with children

Some parents who work outside will rarely contact their children because of their busy work. This will affect their children’s mental health and is not conducive to their growth. 

Parents should always contact their children even if they are working outside. Now that technology is very advanced, parents can use video calls to accompany their children, chat with their children, tell them some interesting things, etc. The child feels caring and makes the parent-child relationship closer. 

3. Go home and see more

Every left-behind child hopes that parents can go home more to accompany them, but many parents who work outside cannot go back home several times throughout the year, and some don’t even do it during the Chinese New Year. Go home to accompany the children, just work overtime to make money. 

Children need the company of their parents for only these few years. Parents who work outside should go home more to let their children feel the care of their parents, so that they will not leave regrets in their lives and their children’s lives. 

We can understand that parents who work outside have a lot of helplessness in their hearts, but even if they work outside, parents must show more care for their children at home. Let children have full of love, so that children can grow up healthily. 

Parents, do you accompany your children to grow up with them, or are you separated from them? Please share your experience in the comments section. These “contraceptives” on the table can not be eaten without taking it. It is the real suffering to become infertile

For some women with infertile physique, the pregnancy period makes them miserable. , You can’t stay up late, but you must also maintain a good mood. Now some doctors have put forward the “healthy diet theory”. Originally, eating was the only thing left to relieve stress. Now it’s better, even eating. They are all restricted, which is really “difficult”. 

In fact, for women who are preparing for pregnancy, they really need to pay attention to diet, and it should also be given the first priority, but few people have mentioned it before, and they will not know until the problem is discovered. It’s too late. 

The case likes to eat What happened to the 28-year-old woman who had a cold drink? 

My college roommate’s sister was diagnosed as “infertile” by a doctor at the age of 28. At first, her sister felt that she had no problems. After all, her age was in the best gestation period, and she was usually very pregnant. Pay attention to sleep, but also pay attention to your own nutritional balance. 

But when you marry your husband for 3 years, there is still no result for pregnancy. No matter how bad luck, it won’t be so bad, right? So she began to have doubts about the “bad luck” she had previously thought. 

At first, she thought it was her husband’s problem, but both of them went for examinations. It turned out that she had a problem because the egg activity was much lower than that of other women. 

In the beginning, the doctor couldn’t find the reason, so she asked her to come to the hospital for a check-up in two days. After a check-up, she went to the hospital with a cup of milk tea filled with ice cubes. During the check-up, she went to the hospital from time to time. Take a few sips. 

The doctor asked casually, “Do you like this kind of ice drink?” She nodded, and then said, “I eat ice almost every day, especially ice cream. , Sometimes I like to eat in winter.”

In this way, the doctor almost understood her basic situation, thinking that she was eating too much cold drinks, which affected the environment of the ovaries and uterus, which in turn affected her. The quality and viability of eggs. 

on the table These “contraceptives”, if you don’t take it, you don’t take it. It’s true that you can become infertile.

Even if you are fertile, if you don’t pay attention to these aspects, you can become infertile even if you are fertile. You must pay more attention to your physique! 

1. Cold drinks

Nowadays, many young women can be said to be “unhappy without ice” in summer, and sometimes they will pursue this so-called “stimulation” in winter, but if they are long-term Eating cold drinks will cause greater harm to women’s uterus. 

You must know that the female uterus is equivalent to their second life body, which is inherently fragile. Long-term cold drink intake will cause changes in the uterine environment. This is why many women always have dysmenorrhea after eating cold drinks. Case. 

Therefore, it is not recommended for women to eat too much cold drinks or ice cream, especially during the menstrual cycle and three or four days before and after, because the uterine wall at this stage is otherwise vulnerable and more susceptible. 

The quality of the uterine environment is also directly related to the condition of the ovary and affects the quality of the egg. If the egg is of low activity or poor quality, it may be lost soon after being secreted. Active, “little tadpoles” have no chance to combine with them. 

2. Pickled foods

There are also some women who like to eat foods with good looks. They don’t know that most foods with good looks are blended with a large amount of seasonings. Among them, the salt content is relatively high and contains There are also more sodium ions. 

During the curing process, sodium ions will turn into nitrite, and this substance also has a greater damage to the quality of women’s eggs, which may reduce the activity of women’s eggs, and may also induce ovarian cysts, etc. Therefore, you need to pay special attention to it. It is best to control the intake and try not to eat if you can. 

3. Coffee and alcohol

Nowadays, most young women are office workers, and coffee is the standard for office workers, so that female friends can cheer up. However, coffee contains more caffeine, which will also affect women’s eggs, which may cause them to “deteriorate” or stimulate their activity. 

In addition, there are many office workers who also need to socialize at work, so that they consume more alcohol. The alcohol component is also very harmful to female eggs. It will not only reduce its activity, but also change the cycle of female eggs, and may cause them to become disabled. These will affect the pregnancy. 

4. Celery

Maybe many people can’t believe that celery can actually reduce the activity of eggs. Not only that, it also reduces the activity of male “tadpoles”. 

However, because celery has the effect of losing weight, many women will consume it as the main green vegetable. As everyone knows, according to medical research, women consume a large amount of celery within a month, and the activity of eggs It is about 2 times weaker than normal. 

Therefore, both men and women should eat as little celery as possible at ordinary times, but it does not mean that they cannot eat it at all. Occasionally eating some can also help supplement vitamins and regulate blood pressure. 

Not only is pregnancy difficult, but pregnancy preparation is also difficult. If you want to give birth to a healthy and smart baby, just shut up!

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